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Development had reached it's EOL


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My Setup.shp

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  • Spicetify themes

  • BetterDiscord themes

  • Firefox themes

  • Windows visual styles

  • Rainmeter skins

  • JaxCore modules

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Why we created S-Hub

Currently, the customization community is spread over multiple websites and there’s no sign of unification anytime soon. The closest we’ve got is of course DeviantArt, however there are a number of noticeable flaws with it. To name a few, customization is not the main focus; there are no clear directions on where to look, redundant categories and groups, and advertisements abound.

Furthermore, applying themes on Windows is not an easy task. Our scripts simplify this process, making it as easy as running a file to apply themes across multiple things like Rainmeter, Spotify or Discord.

Our vision

We started project S-Hub to create a place faithful to themers, where everyone can share and explore freely. We are primarily committed to serving and unifying the community, and we strive to simplify the process of applying themes and layouts so that more people can benefit from them, using the package file mentioned above.

However, the development had reached it's EOL.

I am sorry to announce that S-Hub had reached EOL. In it's current state, the S-Hub packages are capable of importing setups with minimal issue, with the exception of missing features such as WinVS support. This was a difficult decision to make, as we really had the ambition to serve the community.